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by Mike Masnick

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Music Industry Lawyer Upset That Sites Are Able To Point Out The RIAA Took Down Content

from the a-look-inside... dept

Here's another quick little look into the way the minds of certain entertainment industry lawyers think, courtesy of Chris Castle, a music industry lawyer who we recently discussed concerning his views that only musicians can discuss music industry business models. Now he's got a post complaining about how internet sites respond to a takedown notice:
Note to self: Next time you do a content license for an online company, make sure that when the content owner terminates the deal the content can't be replaced with some inflammatory cutesey-ism. Down means down. Gone. Vanished. Not there. Not replaced with: "Hey idiot, the running dogs of the RIAA made us take down stuff because they wouldn't take our hillbilly deal."
(Update: It appears that some time between me opening Castle's post in a tab and writing and posting the story, Castle took down the post. I guess he's trying to demonstrate what he means by "Down means down. Gone. Vanished. Not there.") Now, I'm sure that this is Castle just venting after yet another bad move by one of his clients has backfired into a public relations nightmare (something like this perhaps?). If he actually thinks that simply pulling content down with no explanation whatsoever will make users happier then he's completely lost -- and I don't think he is.

But the key is that this does give yet another glimpse into the mindset of the typical legal professionals at work on some of these issues. It's not about openness, it's about secrecy ("Down means down. Gone. Vanished. Not there.") It's not about working out a reasonable deal that benefits everyone, it's about trashing the service provider for offering a "hillbilly deal." And, of course, it's never about the user at all. Who cares if they're wondering what happened to their content? The user doesn't matter at all.

And that is why the entertainment industry is in trouble.

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  1. identicon
    A Dan, 4 Feb 2009 @ 9:13am


    For now, Google's cache of has it. Type the website into a Google search, then click Cached.

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