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Most Popular Superbowl Ad Created By Amateurs

from the funny-how-that-works dept

For the past few years, there's been something of a backlash against the idea of "amateur" content production. Folks like Andrew Keen and Nick Carr have taken to mocking such efforts and insisting that professionals are basically all there is worth trusting. And... then... Doritos holds a "Crash the Superbowl" contest where amateurs are invited to submit commercials, out of which the top 5 are to be aired during the Superbowl. Not only did Doritos get nearly 2,000 submissions, one of the ads was found to be the most popular ad according to USA Today's Ad Meter, beating out the traditional kings of the Superbowl advertising business, Anheuser Busch (and winning its creators a $1 million prize). The point, which is repeatedly missed by the elitists who claim only professionals can make content is that, even if most of the content made by amateurs sucks, the ability for almost anyone to create content means that those who can do quite well, even as amateurs, now have the ability to do so. The end result is that amidst plenty of bad content, there's also an awful lot of great content that never would have been produced otherwise.

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  1. identicon
    George Bushh, 3 Feb 2009 @ 5:08am

    What Will Amateur Video Look Like?

    Spend an hour - if you can - perusing Youtube and get an idea what amateurs produce.

    Look, these guys produced a great commercial for Doritos and it was good for a laugh. But just like American Idol, many apply but damn few are called. Look at the quantity of videos on Youtube and other sites and be honest - how many are really memorable?

    "Professionals" shouldn't have an exclusive on being creative, but I'm not prepared to sit through the crap that will be produced by amateurs.

    Think of it this way. There's an old saw that says if you take a roomful of monkeys and give them typewriters (now we have to say PCs with Word) they'll eventually turn out a readable novel. That's where amateur video is now.

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