Banning Driver Distractions One By One; Next Up? Eating, Faxing Or Petting Fluffy

from the common-sense-is-dead dept

Last year, in writing about all of the various new laws being proposed to ban all sorts of different driving distractions, we asked for suggestions on what other specific driving distractions should be banned. It looks like one politician in Texas is now trying to ban a bunch of those in a single bill (technically, he's just looking to increase the fine, if you're caught doing any of these things). Aman Batheja points us to the details, including the fact that eating, shaving and faxing while driving are on the list. But even more interesting to me are the issues with "interacting with passengers" or "interacting with a pet." Why not just disallow driving with any other living being?

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  1. identicon
    Mike, 3 Feb 2009 @ 12:44pm

    Try driving in Germany

    First I find it sad when people get upset with a law(s) that should not be required in the first place. Now no one here cannot tell me that they have not been distracted while, eating or talking on the phone while driveing. If more people would think about what they are doing then these types of laws would not be needed. Now I am fortunate enough to travel overseas and this is nothing new in countries like Germany, and it is enforced and people do abide by them. But my guess the people compaining are the same people who don't like traffic camera's. Again these wouldn't be needed if people obeyed the law and followed common sense. So until than things like this are needed to protect people from those who feel they are above all of this.

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