Gears Of War DRM Makes It Unplayable As Of Yesterday

from the drm-in-effect dept

It's almost getting silly to post these examples, but it's yet another reminder of how much damage DRM can do to legitimate customers. The latest victims? Purchasers of the PC version of Gears of War. Paul Brinker points us to the news that due to a digital certificate expiring, PC players of the game have discovered that it no longer works. The only solution? Set your PC clock back to a date prior to January 29th, 2009. Once again, it's a scenario where the DRM did nothing, at all, to stop piracy -- but did plenty to annoy legitimate customers.

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  1. identicon
    zcat, 30 Jan 2009 @ 1:19pm

    two ways 'around' DRM

    There are two ways that 'pirates' can get around DRM..

    1) Using a keygen approach, which means the game still has the DRM code intact, but thinks it's a licensed copy.
    2) By disabling the DRM code entirely. The software doesn't check for keys at all.

    When software gets 'cracked' it usually gets cracked several times by different groups, who may use either approach. In the first case, any 'defect' in the DRM code that affects legitimate customers also affects the 'pirate' version. In the second case, the 'pirate' game continues to work while the DRM version doesn't. This explains why some 'pirate' copies are affected and others are not.

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