Cox Gets Aggressive With Traffic Shaping

from the taunting-the-fcc dept

In a move that's basically baiting the FCC and Congress to see if they will act, Cox has announced that it's going to experiment with rather aggressive traffic shaping, granting priority to bits that it feels have a great priority. Why Cox gets to describe what gets a priority and what doesn't seems pretty questionable. Cox is also the company that implemented a three strikes policy on file sharing without telling anyone.

To be honest, this seems like a really tone deaf move by Cox -- and I'd imagine that plenty of telcos and cable companies are pissed off about Cox calling extra attention to the topic right now. There's been plenty of talk of new net neutrality regulations in Congress, and with Cox putting the issue so squarely on the table, it's as if they're begging for such regulations (or at least to be slapped down by the FCC). You would think they would at least wait until it wasn't an issue getting so much attention before drawing extra scrutiny and daring regulators to act.

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  1. identicon
    Matt Nelson, 5 Mar 2013 @ 3:45pm

    Re: I just read about this one an hour ago

    I dunno... as of 2013, cox internet can no longer support my webshow / livestream. (all i need is 3-5mbps up consistent) Even after upgrading to their "ultimate" package. I still can't do my livestream anymore. Essentially wasting 3 months of work (i'm relatively new to this). I've called and had techs come to my home just to constantly tell me "everything is fine, it's you or your modem or your computer" So naturally i believed them, formatted several times, bought modems i didn't ever really need, bypassing router's all sorts of shit I never needed to do. Just to find that they've changed something and are unwilling to admit it. So essentially I wasted my time every trying to do this shit. The worst part is they've got a monopoly in my neighborhood so I have 0 other options. The weirdest part is speed tests. With their best and most expensive 4th tier"ultimate package" i barely manage a 2-3mbps up and when i downgraded to their 2n'd tier package ( i think it's called essential or something) And get 15mbps up. But the weird thing is i still can't livestream with settings only at 2300kbps for video and 192kbps for audio. That's fucked imo. It started exactly on January of 2013 as well. The only possibility at this point is traffic shaping completely screwing over my connection when i actually go to utilize it.

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