Wishing For A Mental Rewind Button

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In a recent blog post by Scott Adams, he notes his desire for a rewind button on life. The post starts out by talking about seeing something through a window that he didn't quite catch, and wishing for a rewind button on the window -- like a DVR (the post then goes off on an angry tangent about auto repair these days that doesn't actually seem connected to the rewind part). That struck me as interesting, because I've caught myself wanting the same thing recently. The more I've used a DVR, the more I get annoyed at things that don't have such a capability. For example, when listening to the radio or just talking to people, there are moments when I find my brain asking to rewind, in part because it's become so accustomed to the possibility of rewinding TV. I wonder if this will lead to more demand for devices that record everything you see. Traditionally, such "backup brain" devices have been talked about for the purposes of recalling and categorizing stuff -- but if there's increasing demand to simply replay what you just heard or saw, it could become useful in unexpected ways.

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    jeadly (profile), 28 Jan 2009 @ 5:12am


    When reading paper books I find myself wanting to right-click to Google a term or ctrl+F to search for text on the page. I think this is an increasing trend of tech withdrawal when confronted with classic technologies that used to be adequate.

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