Arizona County Ditches Speed Cameras, Saying They Made Roads More Dangerous

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While Arizona is considering getting rid of speed cameras across the state (update: this has now been approved), one county has already gone ahead and removed all of its speed cameras, after the newly elected sheriff went through the data and found that the speed cameras were not even remotely effective (thanks to everyone who sent this in). The sheriff noted, first of all, that despite claims this would make the streets safer, accidents actually increased by 16% and fatal accidents doubled (from 3 to 6). He admits, reasonably, that there could be other factors, but there's little to suggest that the cameras did anything to make the roads safer -- which was the main reason why the cameras were first installed.

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    kirillian (profile), 24 Jan 2009 @ 1:08pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: A Political Rather than a Safety Issue

    What Road Rage says is true...I remember back a few years ago when my father was working for a company that made police radar and lidar (the laser version) equipment. His company's radar happened to be the most accurate radar out at the time...but even then, it still had a +/- in the accuracy column. He was telling me that courts in Texas won't even accept radar readings that are less than 6-7 mph over the speed limit if the reading was taken from a radar (lidar was something around 1-3 because it was far more accurate). Even then, the vehicle had to be sitting still and the weather had to be pristine for the readings to be acceptable. There are so many things that can affect radar and lidar readings that it's just silly...and all it took was a lawyer that had the brains to go look it up and the defendent could walk free.

    Besides, I like the philosophy that Texas instills in its drivers anyway (much better than up in the North where I live). I remember my dad getting pulled over when I was young. The cop told him to speed it up or he was going to give him a ticket for "reckless endangerment" because my dad was going the speed limit and the rest of traffic was going 9-10 over!! At the same time, I remember the driver's test emphasized going with the flow of traffic over the speed limit (though, I would suggest going the speed limit for the written driver's test...just a suggestion...the driver's test cops are anal...).

    Now that's committment to SAFETY rather than the word of the law.

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