Arizona County Ditches Speed Cameras, Saying They Made Roads More Dangerous

from the speedy-departure dept

While Arizona is considering getting rid of speed cameras across the state (update: this has now been approved), one county has already gone ahead and removed all of its speed cameras, after the newly elected sheriff went through the data and found that the speed cameras were not even remotely effective (thanks to everyone who sent this in). The sheriff noted, first of all, that despite claims this would make the streets safer, accidents actually increased by 16% and fatal accidents doubled (from 3 to 6). He admits, reasonably, that there could be other factors, but there's little to suggest that the cameras did anything to make the roads safer -- which was the main reason why the cameras were first installed.

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  1. identicon
    Road Rage is not the answer dude, 24 Jan 2009 @ 7:27am

    Re: Re: Re: A Political Rather than a Safety Issue

    TW Burger -> "Explain to me how a camera lies or makes a mistake.

    It not the camera, it's the speed detector. The whole item is commonly refeerred to as a speed camera. Many of the detectors are based upon doppler radar, which can produce incorrect results. For example, a bird flys by at the same you are passing in from of the camera.
    There have been instances where a motorist receives a ticket in the mail claiming that they have exceeded the limit by a ridiculous amount. They obviously do not review the validity of tickets prior to senting them. The obvious ones get thrown out, if you go to court, but what about the ones where your car can actually go that fast ? There must be many and it would be very difficult to prove your innocence, although some have succeeded.

    The rest of your comment ..... well what can I say, except grow up.

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