Arizona County Ditches Speed Cameras, Saying They Made Roads More Dangerous

from the speedy-departure dept

While Arizona is considering getting rid of speed cameras across the state (update: this has now been approved), one county has already gone ahead and removed all of its speed cameras, after the newly elected sheriff went through the data and found that the speed cameras were not even remotely effective (thanks to everyone who sent this in). The sheriff noted, first of all, that despite claims this would make the streets safer, accidents actually increased by 16% and fatal accidents doubled (from 3 to 6). He admits, reasonably, that there could be other factors, but there's little to suggest that the cameras did anything to make the roads safer -- which was the main reason why the cameras were first installed.

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  1. identicon
    Doc Rings, 23 Jan 2009 @ 7:48pm

    Timely article

    Total "deja vu" moment. I live in Gulf Breeze, FL, where the main intersection has a red-light camera. I was about ready to go through the intersection when it went yellow. Knowing it was a red-light intersection I did not want to take a chance with a $300 ticket, so I quickly stopped, where other intersection I may have taken the yellow legally (but with $300 at stake, why take the chance of having 5 feet of the car hanging in the intersection when it goes red and snaps a pic?

    Anyhow, I noticed a minivan behind me that in no way was going to stop for the yellow, and fully expected to not just run the yellow, but go through on the red. I braced for the rear-end collision, but the cell-phone toting teenager locked them up and swerved at the last minute. I probably missed being rear-ended by inches.

    I don't know what is worse: $300 to be "safe" or be "right" and get rear-ended at these camera intersections?

    In Italy, I recall green lights with a count-down timer on them so one would not be at all surprised when they turned yellow, and a driver could anticipate a change from the green.

    Perhaps something similar could help with safety, not just the "photo surprise" yellow/red.

    I hate that intersection, and I do the speed limit. Too fast and you have to slam on the brakes, too slow and you won't clear the intersection in time... arrggghh!!!!

    Isn't it "government *by* the people, and *for* the people"??? Shouldn't government help us, not hurt us???

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