Techdirt Still Doesn't Have To Pay Out Up To $1 Million Since The BSA Hasn't Paid Out Either

from the up-to-trickery dept

The BSA sure does love to use bogus numbers. Usually, it's with its stats on "piracy" that are so ridiculously misleading it's amazing that the press reports them as fact so often. However, it also gets away with a silly gimmick where it promises to pay out "up to $1 million" for snitching on your employer for using pirated software. Except, of course, the fine print reveals that the "up to" part is really important. Basically, the BSA gets to decide how much it pays out -- and you can bet that it's not anywhere close to $1 million. In fact, in response to the BSA's program, we promised to pay out up to $1 million to anyone who could prove the BSA paid any individual $1 million. It looks like we're safe again. In 2008, the BSA paid out -- in total -- $136,000 to 42 different people, making an average of $3,200. The BSA is now pitching that as a way to make some extra money in a down economy -- though, I would imagine that losing your job after tipping off the BSA might create a bit more hardship than $3k covers.

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  1. identicon
    alternatives(), 23 Jan 2009 @ 6:52pm

    Simple answer

    Don't use closed source licensed apps.

    Only use open source.

    That is why when the BSA sent me a letter for my business I wrote them back that they could go fuck themselves. And, if they DID come by, they'd have to have a court order.

    Alas, the BSA didn't visit.

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