The Wonder Years Unavailable On DVD Due To Music Licensing Rights

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One of the tragedies of ridiculous music licensing practices has been that TV shows that involved great music can no longer be seen -- because when they were first aired, there was no aftermarket, and so no rights were cleared with the music owners. The famous case is the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati, which tried to get around the issue by replacing all the great classic rock in the original, with crappy new music -- really harming the quality of the show. Tom sent in a note pointing out that the classic 80s TV show The Wonder Years is actually facing a similar issue, and because of it, the show is not available on DVD. The show was famous for integrating great music into the overall show -- clearing all that music for a DVD release is apparently too difficult, leading to an overall loss to society and culture.

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    Paula Bettencourt, 9 Nov 2011 @ 10:40am

    the Wonder years television sho

    Like all of you I have also been very depressed about the Wonder years being unavaible on DVD.
    I've tried about five different bootlegs and they're all pretty much crap.
    However this past year the Wonder years has been apearing on the hub.
    So I've been burning them onto discs.
    And the results have been very good.
    I don't exspect the Wonder years to be on that channel after January of this year.
    Because after a year it usually gets cancelled.
    That's why I'm using the highest grade discs I can find TDKs.
    Because these are better then any of the bootlegs available on the net.
    And they're certainly better then nothing at all.
    Also I just read on the that episodes of the Wonder years has been apearing on netflix.
    And the bulk of the songs are intact.
    So that's encouraging news/but I won't hold My breath for official season sets/but it does sound promising.

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