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by Mike Masnick

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arizona, speed cameras

Arizona Considers Ditching Speed Cameras

from the big-waste-of-money dept

We've highlighted the significant problems with speed cameras over the years, but it hasn't stopped their continued spread. Arizona was actually one of the more aggressive deployers of such speed cameras, which were immediately effective in delivering speeding tickets to thousands of supposed speeders. However, it looks like the anger at the automated ticket-giving machines has caught the attention of at least one local Senator who is trying to kill the program, noting that the cameras are: "annoying, unfair, intrusive and even dangerous because of backups as motorists abruptly slow down near cameras." Indeed. Of course, anyone who looked at other areas that installed such cameras would have found out the same thing without spending millions of taxpayer dollars installing them first.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 20 Jan 2009 @ 3:04pm

    I live in the Phoenix area and they are everywhere. Intersections, fixed places all over the freeways, random mobile units parked in different places everyday. Of course you should just drive the speed limit and you're fine.

    It's annoying to drive on the freeways because people are afraid to drive even the posted limit of 65 past the cameras. So every few miles you have people slowing down to 50-55 to drive by the cameras causing a safety issue on the freeway. What's more annoying is you still frequently see cops parked on the side of the road with radar. They are pulling in millions a month from the cameras the cops should be off doing something else to fight crime.

    The cameras on the freeways are under road sensor wires so your radar detector doesn't pick them up. Anymore my tri band + laser unit doesn't even pick up photo radar or hand held radar they must be using different bands now or something.

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