US's Global IP Cops Bemoan Anti-IP Activists For Making Their Lives More Difficult

from the just-as-bad-as-pirates,-apparently dept

One of our readers, Virginia, alerted us to a report concerning a gathering of US IP Attaches (basically, the US gov't's international copyright cops that we send around the world to try to enforce draconian IP policy), in which they spend most of the time complaining about how countries around the world don't agree with the US's view on intellectual property and are quick to ignore it when possible. In fact, those countries often don't even want to invite their US counterparts to meetings because they're "too aggressively pro-IP."

Of course, rather than take this as a sign that maybe their views are too aggressively pro-IP, they instead want to blame anyone who is pointing out the dangers of being so aggressively pro-IP. The article quotes US Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue, saying that US IP cops can't just focus on pirates and counterfeiters, but need to start worrying about those of us crazy enough to point out the dangers and downsides of aggressively pro-IP policies:
"[There is a] second threat [from] a growing movement of anti-IP activists drawn from universities, foundations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), ideologically driven interest groups, and even governments."
You see, we're not a part of the debate and the conversation -- perhaps showing how their strong belief in stronger IP is dangerous -- but we're a "threat" that needs to be dealt with. Nice to know that the US's worldwide IP enforcers have such open minds.

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    kirillian (profile), 22 Jan 2009 @ 3:06pm

    Re: Re: Re: Not Their Job

    LostSailor...seriously...address what is actually said. Once again, you missed (or ignored) the whole point of what is being said and you are throwing out a straw man argument instead.

    The quoting of Donohue was not an "also" or a side-comment on Mike's part...the side comments were those on the IP enforcers...he brought them up ONLY to introduce the backstory to Tom Donohue's comment - which is the REAL point and purpose of this article.

    Mike addresses Tom Donohue's statement are only arguing about the IRRELEVANT point that cops shouldn't have open minds...the point is irrelevant because Mike isn't even talking about IP cops...since when is Donohue an IP cop?!?!? He's involved in IP, but he is most definitely NOT an IP cop...from the sense that he doesn't go out and police IP...he only makes IP POLICY. That is a HUGE distinction. He ISN'T the IP attache...if you read the article, he is only referred to from the context that he spoke on the issue.

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