US's Global IP Cops Bemoan Anti-IP Activists For Making Their Lives More Difficult

from the just-as-bad-as-pirates,-apparently dept

One of our readers, Virginia, alerted us to a report concerning a gathering of US IP Attaches (basically, the US gov't's international copyright cops that we send around the world to try to enforce draconian IP policy), in which they spend most of the time complaining about how countries around the world don't agree with the US's view on intellectual property and are quick to ignore it when possible. In fact, those countries often don't even want to invite their US counterparts to meetings because they're "too aggressively pro-IP."

Of course, rather than take this as a sign that maybe their views are too aggressively pro-IP, they instead want to blame anyone who is pointing out the dangers of being so aggressively pro-IP. The article quotes US Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue, saying that US IP cops can't just focus on pirates and counterfeiters, but need to start worrying about those of us crazy enough to point out the dangers and downsides of aggressively pro-IP policies:
"[There is a] second threat [from] a growing movement of anti-IP activists drawn from universities, foundations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), ideologically driven interest groups, and even governments."
You see, we're not a part of the debate and the conversation -- perhaps showing how their strong belief in stronger IP is dangerous -- but we're a "threat" that needs to be dealt with. Nice to know that the US's worldwide IP enforcers have such open minds.

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  1. identicon
    knifight, 22 Jan 2009 @ 2:44pm

    I um, agree with Mr. Donahue

    Apparently none of you actually go through the sweat, blood, and tears of creating IP from scratch... Entertainment other than entertaining yourself, isn't free. Software shouldn't be free unless the developer/producer wants it to be. In the global market IP isn't usually something that facilitates the basic standard of living, and so does not need to be provided to people as a right or at no cost. I'm not sure there actually is a valid other side to this "debate." And yes it is a "threat" to legal enforcement of IP laws to have domestic idiots saying that things they didn't produce... should be unprotected. The "stealing from the public domain" to make IP issue is a red herring. Ok? Stop being silly. That's not what's being discussed here. Not everybody on the planet can afford to hear/watch/use everthing merely because it exists - and in many cases can be easily transported in cyberspace. Open source collectives are not the same as "Knowledge wants to be free." advocates. And you are naive or ignorant of the concept (and actual costs) of investment in competitive advantages by nation-states, corporations and other entitites to think that geo-political forces are not motivating a lot of the lax-IP attitudes around the world. "Too aggressive?" How aggressive are you all about protecting your bank accounts? Do you think there's a too aggressive amount of protection your bank can have for your hard earned cash?

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