SCO Looking To Ditch Actual Business To Try To Keep Lawsuit Going

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Slashdot points us to the latest in the never-ending saga of SCO trying to claim infringement in Linux. Despite massive setbacks that should have just ended the quixotic campaign, it appears that SCO is looking to sell off its actual businesses in order to keep the lawsuit campaign going. It's amazing that after losing pretty much every aspect of this campaign from the very beginning, that folks at SCO still think it's worth pursuing.

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    PaulT (profile), 13 Jan 2009 @ 3:06pm


    Thanks for the clarifications. Let me just clarify a few things of my own:

    Firstly, the GPL comment was just an assumption. I'm not a coder, just an interested Linux user with a very basic understanding of how these things work. I'm very hazy about the way once licence acts alongside another, especially with dual licencing, so no need to get sarcastic or act like an asshole. I never claimed to know how these things work exactly (hence my comments "I could be wrong here" and "I'm no expert on licences, so I wouldn't mind being corrected if I'm wrong").

    As for the other comments, I still don't see what point you're getting at with these example. Yes, IP law is complicated. Given that such a large number of people - mostly not legally trained - are involved with Linux and other large-scale OS projects, it's not surprising that a couple of things have slipped through the net.

    But, that's beside the point. You're pushing these examples of completely unrelated possible IP and copyright violations. I could probably respond with numerous similar violations by Microsoft and others, but that's got little to do with the issue at hand - the SCO case and how their original claims seem to have been utterly false, to the point where they've become a litigating shell.

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