SCO Looking To Ditch Actual Business To Try To Keep Lawsuit Going

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Slashdot points us to the latest in the never-ending saga of SCO trying to claim infringement in Linux. Despite massive setbacks that should have just ended the quixotic campaign, it appears that SCO is looking to sell off its actual businesses in order to keep the lawsuit campaign going. It's amazing that after losing pretty much every aspect of this campaign from the very beginning, that folks at SCO still think it's worth pursuing.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 13 Jan 2009 @ 2:26pm


    This is what happens when you let the lawyers run the company (SCO's CEO is a lawyer). In a lawyer's mind, the most important part of a company is the legal department and the actual business just exists to feed and support the legal department. So when push comes to shove, the last thing to go will be the legal department. Lawsuits are the most important "product" to such companies and in the end the lawyers will be the only real winners. Not the investors, not the employees, not the economy, not society.

    This should be a warning to other companies that want to put the lawyers in the driver's seat but they're probably already too busy listening to their lawyers to heed it.

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