SCO Looking To Ditch Actual Business To Try To Keep Lawsuit Going

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Slashdot points us to the latest in the never-ending saga of SCO trying to claim infringement in Linux. Despite massive setbacks that should have just ended the quixotic campaign, it appears that SCO is looking to sell off its actual businesses in order to keep the lawsuit campaign going. It's amazing that after losing pretty much every aspect of this campaign from the very beginning, that folks at SCO still think it's worth pursuing.

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    chris (profile), 13 Jan 2009 @ 5:51am

    Re: Re: I thought this ended back in 2007...

    They're hoping and praying that the Novell decision is overturned on appeal. Otherwise they won't have anything to show for the years of litigation, and no real way to continue their vendetta against Linux.

    microsoft "renews" their system v "license" with sco regularly. since MS is legendary for dirty tricks, and MS made a big show of buying their license in 2001 or 2002 (out of "respect" for the SCO patent) and MS is one of, if not the biggest of SCO's customer, i wouldn't be surprised in the least if this whole thing is just some some sort of FUD/smear campaign being financed by MS and SCO is simply the mercenary hired to do the work.

    so as long as MS is still writing those checks, SCO will continue to fail loudly and publicly at this lawsuit.

    the sale seems like a move to protect remaining products and customers from the fallout of SCO's collapse. maybe the new owner will switch back to caldera and start selling linux again :-)

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