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by Mike Masnick

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RIAA Just Can't Seem To Stop The Momentum On Filing Those Lawsuits

from the legal-inertia dept

On December 19th, it was announced that the RIAA was giving up on its legal strategy of suing individual file sharers, and instead was going to go with some mysterious agreements with ISPs (that no ISPs will admit to) to cut off those accused (not found guilty of) file sharing. In talking about it, the RIAA insisted that it had actually stopped filing lawsuits back in August. Of course, that was quickly proven to be not true leading the RIAA to clarify, saying that it hadn't started planning for any new lawsuits since August, but somehow couldn't stop lawsuits already in motion (this, of course, makes no sense).

Of course, now it's looking even worse, as on December 26th, well after it announced an end to the lawsuits, and insisted no more were going to be filed, a new lawsuit was served on an individual for file sharing. Apparently, the RIAA continues to have trouble with some rather basic facts. Saying you're not suing individuals anymore would be a lot more believable if, you know, you stopped suing individuals. Just saying...

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  1. identicon
    DanC, 12 Jan 2009 @ 11:25am

    Re: Re: to be fair

    This site has never been concerned with getting the facts straight. This author will twist the facts any way he has to to further his agenda for abolishing IP rights.

    And you've never been overly concerned with backing up your arguments, choosing to constantly rely on the "that's the way it is" defense. You've been called on it constantly, which explains your animosity towards the site.

    Basically, the RIAA initially has said it would not file any new lawsuits against individuals. After it was shown that that wasn't true, the RIAA has been redefining what it actually meant by "new" and "individuals".

    Their current stance is that they aren't filing any more individual lawsuits against John Does, unless they were already pending or they had already entered into discussions for a settlement. In other words, it appears that the RIAA will continue to redefine their original statement to excuse their actions.

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