Friendly DRM Is An Oxymoron

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While the era of DRM on music may finally be ending, it appears that some other industries still haven't quite come to terms with the three simple facts that a few industries are finally realizing: (1) DRM does not work (2) DRM diminishes the value of your product (3) DRM pisses off your users. Despite these universal truths, every digital industry seems to go through this phase where they think that they can figure out how to do DRM right. A bunch of consumer electronics makers and movie studios are apparently working together on yet another DRM standard that they swear (this time, for real!!) will actually work and will be "friendly." We've heard it before, and the end result is the same (see numbers 1 through 3 above). As per usual, they're claiming that this system will be even better than non-DRM'd content, but fail to explain how that's actually true. At best, they say it'll be more convenient, but it's difficult to see how any limitation adds convenience rather than takes it away.

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  1. identicon
    Fuzz, 14 Jan 2009 @ 11:39am

    i find that in most cases, steam is as flexible as physical media, if not more.

    In my case, me and my extended family have 5 desktops and 3 laptops that are capable of playing left 4 dead. I recently bought a "4-pack" of the game. Steam and left 4 dead is installed on all 8 systems and whoever sits in front of a PC logs in with their ID's and goes about their merry way.

    Recently we got a new system and right after installing windows i downloaded Left 4 Dead, which took about 1 hour. then we continued on our fragging ways.

    And on the question of whether Valve would "unlock" their games if they ever went bankrupt. Historically Valve has been one of the most consumer friendly companies out there, and while it is not their obligation, if anyone out there would unlock their games in such a situation, I believe it would be valve.

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