Friendly DRM Is An Oxymoron

from the nothing-friendly-about-it dept

While the era of DRM on music may finally be ending, it appears that some other industries still haven't quite come to terms with the three simple facts that a few industries are finally realizing: (1) DRM does not work (2) DRM diminishes the value of your product (3) DRM pisses off your users. Despite these universal truths, every digital industry seems to go through this phase where they think that they can figure out how to do DRM right. A bunch of consumer electronics makers and movie studios are apparently working together on yet another DRM standard that they swear (this time, for real!!) will actually work and will be "friendly." We've heard it before, and the end result is the same (see numbers 1 through 3 above). As per usual, they're claiming that this system will be even better than non-DRM'd content, but fail to explain how that's actually true. At best, they say it'll be more convenient, but it's difficult to see how any limitation adds convenience rather than takes it away.

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  1. identicon
    Bazil, 13 Jan 2009 @ 4:41pm

    Re: Steam?

    Steam has the following Problems:

    1. Speed, downloading an entire game usually takes hours (depending on your internet connection) no matter how you slice it, the data transfer rate of your DVD/CD-ROM to your motherboard will ALWAYS be faster than your internet speed.

    2. Crashed Hard-Drive, will force you to re-download everything. (kudos that unlike itunes at leas steam remembers your account and what you've already paid for)

    3. Ad pop ups, steam is not just a DRM, it's also a STORE with an incentive to show you as many new games and games on sale as possible. So you will be annoyed with annoying special deals on a regular basis.

    4. Adds a layer of complexity, many of the games I've gotten through steam have not worked properly or crashed my system. With steam technical support being pretty absent, it forced me in every case to try to find out if it was my hardware, drivers, OS, or STEAM that was causing the crash, when you're frustrated and trying to eliminate problems, the less factors the better.

    5. Steam is a background application, and despite their official statements it DOES occasionally minimize your game, and it does use resources sporadically.

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