Obama Appoints Former RIAA Lawyer To Associate Attorney General

from the good-lawyer,-bad-client dept

Amidst a number of high profile appointments today was the position of associate attorney general. The high-ranking position has been awarded to Tom Perrelli of the prominent law firm Jenner & Block. By all accounts, Perrelli has led an impressive legal career spanning public service and private practice. However, his most recent tenure in private practice has had him representing the recording industry. Although specifics are hard to come by, according to his official biography, "Mr. Perrelli regularly represents the recording industry in cutting-edge intellectual property, technology, and anti-piracy litigation. He has represented the recording industry in a host of cases arising under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), as well as in copyright infringement and digital piracy litigation. He has also represented the record industry and recording artists in a series of copyright royalty proceedings before the Copyright Royalty Board."

Of course, Mr. Perrelli's job was to represent the interest of his clients, but given the questionable legal tactics the RIAA has pursued in its litigation and the problems with the Copyright Royalty Board, there is reason to pause regarding his appointment. But, as Matt Yglesias writes, since the RIAA has relied so heavily on litigation, it's probably a good bet that they chose the best lawyers they could.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 6 Jan 2009 @ 8:08am

    A few words on change

    I notice a lot of people, before he's even been able to do anything, harping on Obama for saying he will bring "Change" and getting all these old players into positions.

    First, almost anything is a change compared to how Bush/Cheney ran things. We've yet to see if its going well or bad.

    Second, you can't bring change without having people that know how to get the job done. Like in everything, a good leader has to have experienced people he can count on to get the job done and to advise him.

    Until policies actually start coming out, I'm waiting on calling him a hypocrite. If I thought certain people would do as I say, and have experience at working the system, I'd appoint them too.

    The thing to worry about is if he's going to try for change, and if his underlings are going to listen. Things are just too uncertain still to be bitching as heavily as people are. But I guess people handle nervousness differently.

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