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As promised here's today's year end Q&A. We'll try to keep the topic focused on what we thought were the biggest stories from 2008 and what will be the biggest stories in 2009, and see how well that works. We had some problems last week with the CoverItLive software, but hopefully this week will work better. The folks from CoverItLive have been in touch and are working hard to get rid of some of the bugs we encountered. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what people think were/are the biggest stories:

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    Paul Stout (profile), 31 Dec 2008 @ 1:52am

    Re: Live Q&A Sessions and problems on my end with it...

    Sigh.... Guess I should have done more troubleshooting before sending my first post. My apologies for writing before actually covering all the bases first. [BLUSH]

    It was a problem with the Tech Dirt email list, but it wasn't with the Q&A story. Much further down in the email list in tonights email was this one: 3D Virtual Worlds Patented! Lawsuits Started. This story has an embedded video in it and, for some reason I can't figure out, the default action for the video is to immediately start playing as soon as I select the Tech Dirt email list in Eudora. Very weird.

    If you know why this is happening, and whether it can be prevented from happening in the future on either yours or my end, again, I'd love to hear about it.

    Paul Stout

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