3D Virtual Worlds Patented! Lawsuits Started...

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It seems that the ridiculous patent holders are trying to go out with a bang in 2008. Worlds.com, which holds a patent that never should have been issued on virtual worlds has sued NCSoft, makers of a bunch of popular online virtual worlds -- including some that were launched before the patent was even filed for in 2000. The Register link above shows a few examples of such virtual worlds, but you can dig back even further. In 1996 I was using OnLive! Traveler which did all of the things described in the patent described, as can be seen in the video below:
Not surprisingly, the lawsuit is actually being brought by General Patent Corp (GPC), one of a growing number of IP licensing firms who prey on companies (that actually innovate) by trying to enforce incredibly broad and highly questionable patents. Not surprisingly, GPC's execs have been active in protesting any sort of patent reform, claiming it would "mar innovation." I would suggest that patent reform is a hell of a lot less likely to mar innovation than suing innovative companies with overly broad patents that were applied for well after the technology in question was in common use.

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  1. identicon
    Perry Mason, 1 Jan 2009 @ 2:29pm

    "Inside of here, we are an anonymous being, and can conduct ourselves as such..." (From the video) This goes a very long ways towards explaining Mike's and several other folks's behavior here. Of course Mike has my e-mail address, so he can yell at me personally, but perhaps it is interesting that some may have lost touch with reality in minor or major ways. Does anyone here think the Wright brothers' patent should have been dis-allowed? It only claimed the use of hinged ailerons, but I am supposing that some here would maintain that wing warping anticipated their patent, so their nasty and greedy patent rights should not have been allowed. Perry

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