Breast-Feeding Photo Brouhaha Shows How Impossible It Is To Rate Websites

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Just after the UK's culture minister, Andy Burnham, announced that he thinks all websites can and should be rated, comes a story that highlights what a ridiculous suggestion it is to say that you can simply classify all websites. Facebook is facing a bit of a backlash after the company started banning some photos of women breast-feeding as being inappropriate. Basically, Facebook has been making its own judgment on which of those photos are "obscene" and which are fine -- and it's pissing off a bunch of moms whose photos have been deleted. And, of course, this is just one simple example. Thinking that there's some sort of single objective measure by which all sites (or content) can be rated is so wrong it's hard to believe that someone thinking such a thing was possible could hold down a serious job, let alone elected office.

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  1. identicon
    usmcdvldg, 30 Dec 2008 @ 3:40pm

    U almost had me

    I was with you until that last paragraph. I don't find anything morally wrong with nudity breast breast feeding or pornography. I personally think that people that have problems with such things need a change in priorities. If you don't like it don't look at it. I don't like gay porn, I find it disgusting so I avoid it. If they played it on fox, guess what, I wouldn't watch fox. These people aren't wrong for wanting to show there friends them breast feeding there kids for whatever reason. But Facebook has the right to try to appeal to whatever audience it pleases. And if nipples is where they draw the line then as a practitioner of facebook you have two options, conform or leave. Anything else is a waste of time.

    ps. if you think you must pay money to see porn try these on for size.

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