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by Mike Masnick

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Motorola Trying To Block Competitors From Hiring Workers It Laid Off

from the insult-to-injury dept

We already think that noncompete agreements don't make sense for companies, but Motorola may be taking the concept to a new level. Rather than trying to stop employees from leaving Motorola to go to a competitor, it's now trying to stop employees it already laid off from going to work for RIM. Motorola had already sued RIM earlier this year for trying to entice employees to jump ship, and this followed another suit by Motorola against Apple for hiring away an exec. Maybe rather than trying to prevent employees from going elsewhere, Motorola might want to focus on improving its own offerings and its own working conditions so that this isn't even a problem? But if it's laying people off, it seems rather ridiculous to then try to stop them from joining another company.

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  1. identicon
    NortelEmployee, 30 Dec 2008 @ 8:30am

    Re: I thought 6 sigma was the answer to Motorola's problems

    I can tell you that since Mike Z took over and brought this 6 Sigma concept to Nortel, it is not working out too well at all. It is just a means to evaluate where they can cut next and to me, not a very effective one. I have seen people laid off who have an enormous amount of talent and skill just to keep the yes men. Ridiculous and a waste of everyone's time.....

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