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by Mike Masnick

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Can A Moron In A Hurry Explain To Jimmy Choo The Difference Between Shoes And Random Gifts?

from the fits-like-a-glove dept

Lawrence D'Oliveiro calls our attention to the news that high-end women's shoe company, Jimmy Choo, is forcing a small New Zealand gifts website to give up its name using trademark law. The name of the site is, though it may be gone soon, as it sounds like the owner of the site is going to give in rather than fight. This is, of course, ridiculous. It's highly unlikely that anyone, let alone our favorite moron in a hurry, would confuse Jimmy Choo shoes with a website selling random gifts like teddy bears, bean bags and candles, among other things. Originally, Choo's lawyers just wanted to prevent the owner from trademarking Kookychoo, but now is demanding she stop using the name entirely. Since it would cost at least $50,000 to go to court should Jimmy Choo sue, the woman is likely to just give up the name. This is corporate bullying at its finest -- abusing tradmark law for no reason other than to shut down a small website that isn't competing with the company at all.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 22 Dec 2008 @ 2:00pm

    Did a search on Google for "choo" and found the first 3 to be Jimmy Choo. The rest were other places like Choo Thomas, Chun Wei Choo, and several train sites. Are they going after those next?

    The related searches for Choo are in order:

    danny choo choo thomas graham choo kim choo
    choo nam thomas choo jimmy choo jimmy choo bags


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