Internet Company Valuations Now Below Their Lows From Last Bubble Burst

from the in-case-you-didn't-realize-how-big-the-financial-crisis-has-been dept

I doubt there's anyone out there who would claim that the dot com bubble bursting was a bigger deal than the current global financial restructuring that's been going on. However, plenty of people (myself included) have suggested that internet companies are more isolated from the root causes of the mess this time around -- and that's almost undeniably true. Last time, a lot of the trouble came directly from overvalued internet companies. This time, it's had little, if anything, to do with internet companies. However, apparently some are noticing that the valuations of 50 or so top internet companies have dipped below their lowest point from when the dot com bubble popped. Of course, in the aggregate, that's rather meaningless. Each of the companies looked at have different circumstances. Besides, the current global financial mess means that no one's really sure how to value anything, meaning that current valuations of pretty much any stock should probably be taken with a huge grain of salt.

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    Anonymous Coward, 23 Dec 2008 @ 6:40am

    The problem is, we don't know how to define value. But that's not the only problem we have.

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    Mark Regan, 23 Dec 2008 @ 1:08pm

    Please loan me some money

    I want to buy that undervalued Google and Microsoft stock NOW while is it LOW and then when the economy picks back up I will be RICH.

    Who out there wants to loan me the necessary money? I will split my profits with you in three years, I promise.

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