Cable Companies Hold Off On Digital Conversion To Avoid Confusion (And Potential Lawsuits)

from the makes-sense dept

There's tremendous confusion out there about February's required switch for broadcast TV from analog to digital. For example, an awful lot of people who have cable or satellite TV don't realize that this conversion basically has no impact on them. It's only for over-the-air TV (you know, the kind you used rabbit ear antennas for). Many assume, incorrectly, that it has something to do with cable TV's "digital TV" or (even less related) needing to get HDTV. Digital TV and HDTV are two separate things. Yet, there has been some accusations that cable companies are taking advantage of this confusion to get people to upgrade, even if they don't need to. In response to such criticism, cable TV operators have now all agreed to put their own digital conversion plans on hold until after the over-the-air conversion is complete, to avoid "complexity." It might also help them avoid lawsuits for misleading consumers...

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  1. identicon
    Really?, 18 Dec 2008 @ 8:43am

    Re: Re: Re: comcast

    You really think advertisers should be forced to mention alternatives - e.g. competitors?

    I can just see the ad now. Drink Coke - or Pepsi or the store brand, but Drink Coke!

    Eat at McDonalds, or BurgerKing or Wendys, but Please go to McD's.

    The issue is that the ads are lies, not that they're "unfair." The fact is YOU DON'T need digital cable to get digital TV, or even HDTV, but they say you you have to have cable to get TV.

    It's one thing to say "The DTV transition is a great time to subscribe" versus "You risk losing your TV channels if you don't switch to cable."

    Bottom line - be an educated consumer.

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