Can You Guilt Someone Into Not Pirating Software?

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A bunch of folks have been submitting this story about USB Overdrive X's response to anyone who uses a pirated key to use their software. Basically, the company allows you to go ahead, but tells you (in a very human voice) that it knows it's a pirated code, and you should be ashamed of yourself:
It's definitely a much better strategy than annoying plenty of users (even legit ones) or threatening to sue or anything. And, I have no doubt that it's probably even effective on the margins among a few folks who appreciate being treated at least somewhat as a human, rather than a criminal. But, the company is still going to face this issue long term, and it seems like a better solution is to figure out business models that don't view such sharing as piracy, but a way to further extend a business.

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  1. identicon
    Twinrova, 18 Dec 2008 @ 10:15am

    HAHAHA! :D :D :D

    Sweet! Not new, but definitely good stuff nonetheless.

    Another tactic is being used by companies like Ipswitch (makers of WS FTP) who offer a demo version, but you can't unlock it with a crack code.

    I'm wondering why companies can verify the hacked code don't just instantly disable the software? A legitimate user shouldn't have any problems as it's DRM free.

    I'll tell you, though. After my issues with Adobe concerning upgrading Fireworks, I was SO tempted to just get a crack for CS3 and tell them to go "fuck themselves" because their "support" was so terrible, I'd rather omit them altogether from the picture.

    Yes, I did the right thing by purchasing the software, although now I regret it.

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