Can You Guilt Someone Into Not Pirating Software?

from the probably-worth-a-shot dept

A bunch of folks have been submitting this story about USB Overdrive X's response to anyone who uses a pirated key to use their software. Basically, the company allows you to go ahead, but tells you (in a very human voice) that it knows it's a pirated code, and you should be ashamed of yourself:
It's definitely a much better strategy than annoying plenty of users (even legit ones) or threatening to sue or anything. And, I have no doubt that it's probably even effective on the margins among a few folks who appreciate being treated at least somewhat as a human, rather than a criminal. But, the company is still going to face this issue long term, and it seems like a better solution is to figure out business models that don't view such sharing as piracy, but a way to further extend a business.

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  1. identicon
    usmcdvldg, 18 Dec 2008 @ 2:52pm

    Re: Re: Pay? Of course!

    One, this review of apple products was done after significant price cuts by apple. Historiclly they do sell over priced locked down equipment. The sort that a techie mainlinesr would hate.

    two, If you failed to read the entire article, They have not as of yet cut there prices on upgrades that still fall more in line with there "traditional" pricing which is frankly ridiculaus.

    And three, the fact that they are expensive in and of itself isn't the point, Its the fact,(at least before they went completely intel) that they were god awful expensive, and tried to make you use only there parts to boot.

    Voodoo pcs are god awful expensive, but the people critizies macs for being expensive won't critisize them because there focus is on power and performs as opposed to style and proprietaritiasm.

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