Can You Guilt Someone Into Not Pirating Software?

from the probably-worth-a-shot dept

A bunch of folks have been submitting this story about USB Overdrive X's response to anyone who uses a pirated key to use their software. Basically, the company allows you to go ahead, but tells you (in a very human voice) that it knows it's a pirated code, and you should be ashamed of yourself:
It's definitely a much better strategy than annoying plenty of users (even legit ones) or threatening to sue or anything. And, I have no doubt that it's probably even effective on the margins among a few folks who appreciate being treated at least somewhat as a human, rather than a criminal. But, the company is still going to face this issue long term, and it seems like a better solution is to figure out business models that don't view such sharing as piracy, but a way to further extend a business.

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    DanC, 18 Dec 2008 @ 1:36pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    If the first person to BUY a piece of IP was to ever pay anything close to the cost to produce that IP then you might have a remote arguement for making IP free to all...

    You still seem to be under the impression that IP is a natural occurrence - it isn't. The works that are classified as IP would naturally be free to all without the legal structure enforcing artificial scarcity. The argument is why "intellectual property" should not be free, not the other way around.

    The authors of the Constitution understood this - their reason was to "promote the progress", not to ensure that you receive an adequate return on investment.

    I own anything I CREATE I don't care if it's a chair or a computer program

    In terms of the computer program, not really. What you actually own is the copyright or patent, not the work itself. Citing Locke's property theory is all well and good, but there are certainly problems in attempting to apply it to "intellectual property". It doesn't really matter if you care or not.

    ONLY I make the choice of giving my work away for free...

    Due to your constant repetition of this statement in various posts, I can only assume you're exhibiting willful ignorance of the fact that NO ONE has contradicted it.

    THANK GOD most civilized people understand this and people that believe as this site tries to preach are in the minority!

    There's a difference between understanding a position and agreeing with it. I understand your position, but due to the fact that it's based on excessive use of the "because" defense and faulty logic, I disagree with it.

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