Can You Guilt Someone Into Not Pirating Software?

from the probably-worth-a-shot dept

A bunch of folks have been submitting this story about USB Overdrive X's response to anyone who uses a pirated key to use their software. Basically, the company allows you to go ahead, but tells you (in a very human voice) that it knows it's a pirated code, and you should be ashamed of yourself:
It's definitely a much better strategy than annoying plenty of users (even legit ones) or threatening to sue or anything. And, I have no doubt that it's probably even effective on the margins among a few folks who appreciate being treated at least somewhat as a human, rather than a criminal. But, the company is still going to face this issue long term, and it seems like a better solution is to figure out business models that don't view such sharing as piracy, but a way to further extend a business.

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  1. identicon
    Urban, 18 Dec 2008 @ 11:36am

    Re: Just buy it.

    I have no doubt you are baiting people with that comment, so here is my response.
    I pay for what I need in life. I am an engineer with a good income who can afford software, music etc. Not an issue.

    I usually don't play PC games, but I do buy them when I want to.
    Just here a few hours ago, I was at Best Buy to pick up GTA4. I knew about the DRM but thought I would support a good cause. The good cause being to support the makers of good games.
    But Standing there holding the game box in my hand and seeing the Securom disclaimer made me change my mind.
    To me, it is no different that having unprotected sex with a person known to have the AIDS virus.
    It will be fun for 6 minutes (average duration of having sex for humans). And then what? Now you have this unwanted software on YOUR property that you will have a really tough time getting rid of.
    So I didn't buy it.

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