If There's A National Cybersecurity Policy, What Should It Cover?

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A bunch of folks have been sending in the various news stories about a new report recommending to the incoming presidential administration a set up a national cybersecurity policy, which is the sort of broad pronouncement that many people would instinctively agree with. However, it's not really clear what this covers. The report covers both government and private companies' computer networks, as if the issues and challenges facing each should be covered under a single plan. There's also talk of some new kind of warrant called "data warrants" rather than search warrants. Obviously, protecting internet infrastructure from foreign attacks is a good thing, but there's a lot here that seems like a grab for power -- and the ability to more closely gather and monitor data.

The fact that government networks and security of government computers is a mess is one issue, but it shouldn't be mixed in with private companies protecting their own data. The two issues should be tackled separately. If the government needs to fix its own computer network and security policies, that seems like a reasonable job for the national CIO that Obama has indicated is a part of his plan, rather than a separate cybersecurity policy.

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  1. identicon
    Cyber Operations Officer, 9 Dec 2008 @ 7:41am

    National Unity with respect to Cyber Operations is a good thing

    If you conduct business with the Government such as various contracted organizations then you should definitely comply and possibly be on a private network. As far as individuals that choose not to comply then you should have limited access to Government systems. It's time to lock down our systems. We are far to open and the President should decide whether to lock it down or shut it down since terabytes of data are streaming into Russia, China, mobs, private hacking orgs, etc. stealing everything from personal identity information and credit card info to leaked classified data. This is not just from the Government, it is from .com's also (Health care, Banking, e-commerce, etc.). There is a coordinated effort from our enemies to take us down in cyberspace and they are winning. With no coordinated response plan then the Internet that we have created will become/has become our Achilles's Heal and China and Russia both know it and are pouring billions into security companies such as Kaspersky to undermine and covertly tunnel data out of the country. Make no mistake the war is on and while our attention is focused on Iraq, Iran, North Korea, stan's, India, we're losing the secret cyber war... and all to protect your rights such as the Anonymous Coward...

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