Device Designed To Annoy Young People Can Now Annoy Everyone

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We've written about the Mosquito device a few times in the past. Originally launched back in 2005, the device emitted a high pitched annoying noise that could only be heard by those under 25 (or thereabouts). As people get older, we lose the ability to hear noises at higher pitches. So the device tried to take advantage of this, so that shopkeepers could use the device to ward off loitering kids. It was pretty obnoxious, though it hardly seemed like a violation of human rights, as some claimed. If annoying a certain age group with sound is a human rights violation, I'd imagine playing certain types of music would be seen as a human rights violation.

Of course, some kids realized that rather than being a violation of their rights, such a noise could be used to their advantage. Some turned the noise from the Mosquito into a ringtone that their parents and teachers couldn't hear.

However, the makers of the device have apparently released a new version of the Mosquito that has an option where the pitch is lowered a bit so that it can annoy pretty much everyone. You've got to imagine that such a product is not targeted at shop owners and the like this time around, unless they'd prefer no business whatsoever. It seems that right now the new version is being used in places like parking garages, where actual customers are quick to leave anyway, and proprietors are trying to get homeless people to move along. Of course, as with any such thing, there's apparently a group of folks who are pushing for legislation to ban the devices. It's difficult to see why such legislation is needed. Eventually, people will realize that driving people away from a business probably isn't a very good business idea.

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  1. identicon
    Jan Cosgrove, 8 Dec 2008 @ 4:15pm


    Has it occurred to you that thee people most likely to be affected are BABIES and SMALL KIDS some of whom won't be able to TELL YOU why they're upset when you're out SHOPPING. God, how people hate kids, it's sick. OK I invent a device that distresses grannies because they clog up supermarket queues? Oh no, that's ok maybe, but I'm commissioning someone to invent me a device that every time I get pissed off with the number of cars speeding past my door, when I switch it on, they all stop and won't go. Then the authorities would act. Precious right to motor. If anyone approves of this stuff they condone bullying, taking the law into their own hands and vigilanteism. What about kids having the right to go about their lawful business without hindrance? Or is that off the agenda now? People have installed these in their gardens to use when neighbours kids play in theirs. Make it unlawful, because it's discrimination on grounds of age. The firm still advertises the new version as scaring off kids.

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