Lori Drew Not Guilty Of Felonies, But Guilty Of Misdemeanors

from the twisty-laws dept

In the landmark cyberbullying case, Lori Drew was found not guilty of three felonies, but guilty of three misdemeanors. The jury is deadlocked on the fourth count of felony conspiracy. The three counts of "accessing a computer without authorization" relate to the creation of a fictitious account on MySpace that was used to engage in an online relationship with Megan Meier. This verdict is not surprising considering the emotionally charged nature of this case. Prosecutors were desperate to convict Lori Drew of something, despite the fact that she may not have technically done anything illegal. If what Lori Drew did was truly criminal, then laws need to be passed to make it that way. To twist around computer fraud laws to simply get a conviction not only sets a dangerous precedent, but it is not the appropriate way to serve justice.

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  1. identicon
    Nate, 10 May 2009 @ 3:50am

    Many of You

    There are many of you here that think Lori Drew is guilty. In that reasoning then Miller and Budweiser would be responsible for any deaths by DUI or Smith and Wesson for the bullets they produce. The end result is that a girl is dead, but it is not because of a fake myspace profile, she had other issues that her parents didn't see for whatever reason. Her parents should take some responsibility for their daugthers death. What this all comes down to is who is reponsible for the girls death (NEWSFLASH THE GIRL), nobody else. Lori Drew didn't shoot or hang the girl, the young girl did it herself. if you are going to prosecute anyone for this prosecute the parents. Too look at this another way, all people that commit suicide are not responsible for their own death, someone else is like family and friends. When people in the United States start taking responsiblity for their own actions this will be a much better country to live in again.

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