Telcos: The Internet Will Collapse If The Gov't Doesn't Gives Us Lots Of Money

from the proof,-please? dept

For a while now, we've been noting that whenever you hear people warning about the impending broadband crunch, it's politicians, consultants or lobbyists. When you actually talk to technologists, they point out that there's no problem and that normal upgrades will keep everything just fine -- even without having to do any kind of traffic shaping or violation of net neutrality.

Yet, that won't stop the lobbyists, consultants and top marketing execs from claiming otherwise. A trade group heavily funded by AT&T is out yet again, warning that the internet will collapse by 2012 if "something" isn't done -- with that "something" being basically big government subsidies to the telcos. Consider it the telco bailout plan of 2009. Hell, if we're already bailing out Wall St. and Detroit, why not telcos as well?

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  1. identicon
    Oliver Starr, 24 Nov 2008 @ 9:39pm

    What Happened to No Government Interference in Business?

    @anonymous coward:

    That ended when Bush and his corprocratic cronies took over power in Washington, bonused themselves and their CEO buddies up the ass and basically gave the corporations carte blanche to run roughshod all over the rights of the individual the best interest of the shareholders and the economy in general. They all knew that they were on a short fuse and now that it's burned up and blown apart they leave the rest of us with little choice but to pick up the pieces and put dumpty dumb and his bro's back together again.

    Bush's big mistake was simply that the bomb blew up a couple of months too early, otherwise he would have been out of office and able to blame all these problems on the administration that inherited them.

    It's a freaking joke that the CEO's that ran their companies into the ground not only haven't been indited but that they are generally exiting with all their executive compensation and multimillion dollar golden parachutes intact.

    Worse, for the most part these aren't the CEO's that actually founded these companies and were thus responsible for the job creation associated with these big firms but were simply professional CEO's that were excessively compensated for their reputations and supposed managerial acumen Some acumen, I sometimes wonder if baboons would have done better. The only difference is the number of bananas it takes to make a baboon happy is far less then the average F1000 CEO demands.

    In another time these greedy bastards would be taken out behind the chemical shed and put out of our misery instead of riding off into the sunset in the turbo Bentleys flush with the cash from the Paulson-regulated golden parachute bailout program.

    The fact that more people aren't absolutely boiling mad about this astonishes me and the news that now the telcos are jumping in on the bailout buddy system handout game is not surprising in the least. I only wonder when PepsiCo, Coke and McDonald's are going to come with their hat in their hands too...

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