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Study Says Lots Of Kids Are Making Sneaky Purchases Online With Parents' Cookied Credit Card Info

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Plenty of online shopping sites let customers store their credit card info to make it easier to purchase stuff in the future. And, for most home users, that is a convenient feature -- as it seems unlikely that a third party would access your computer and use your credit cards to order stuff. Except, apparently, a lot of parents forget about their kids being able to do that. A study in the UK found that plenty of kids were buying stuff online without their parents' knowledge or approval, using the stored credit card info on certain web shopping sites. Of course, if parents checked over their credit card statements regularly (or received the packages when delivered), you would think they would notice such activity.

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  1. identicon
    Fatherof2, 14 Nov 2008 @ 2:31pm

    Sneaky Purchases

    Children are going to try and get away with what they can. my wife and i allowed our children to have a credit card for gas and emergency purchases only when they obtained their drivers license at 16. We check our credit card statements monthly and questioned any purchase done without our knowledge whether it's a kid or bank/vendor error. My oldest is 20, in college and we have never had an issue with him making purchases without our consent. My youngest turned 18 this summer and just had his credit card taken away last week because he spent money without our knowledge or consent. Both kids are terrific and have always been very honest but we don't take that for granted and hold them accountable for their actions.

    What has happened to parents who actually parent?? These sound like the same type of parents who allow their 10 year old to watch horror and R rated movies and then can't understand why they are scared all the time. They let them listen to explicit lyrics and can't understand why they cuss like a sailor. They let their teenage daughters date and don't check up on the kid, family or where they are going and wonder why they are pregnant.

    How about making some commons sense decisions for your children. We can't expect children to parent themselves!

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