How Do You Keep Productivity High For On-The-Go Workers?

Posted: Wed, Nov 12th 2008 2:00pm PT
Closed: 2 Dec 2008, 11:59PM PT

We recently talked about the crowdsourced whitepaper that's being put together here on Techdirt via the Insight Community, and that process continues. Content continues to be placed regularly on the Digital Nomads blog, including this great piece by Zack Miller on how allowing workers to be mobile decreases overhead for both employees and employers. We've also just released the second wiki article on managing digital nomads. Go take a look. And, right here, we've got the latest case on this topic, generating more insights and analysis from you, the wider community.

From both the digital nomad's perspective and the perspective of anyone who manages digital nomads, one of the biggest challenges is in maintaining productivity on the go. For some, the freedom of being a digital nomad allows them to be more productive, by letting them work at the best time and the most convenient places. However, for others, the lack of structure makes productivity difficult. For those of you who are digital nomads, what strategies do you employ to make sure you remain motivated and productive on the go. For those of you who manage digital nomads, what strategies are there to employ to keep your workforce motivated, even if they're not under the same level of supervision and communication as in-house employees?

Dell is sponsoring the conversations here, and the best results will be placed on a site sponsored by Dell: The content may later also be added to a whitepaper and a wiki on the subject, representing the world's first "crowdsourced whitepaper." While Dell is sponsoring the conversation, the content is vendor neutral. Just provide your insights on the question at hand.

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