Sued After Guy Realizes His Classmates Weren't Really Looking For Him

from the that-would-be-called-false-advertising dept

You may recall that was a website that first showed up in the 90s, and tried to do what Friendster and Facebook were later able to do. The problem was that's business model was to charge users for many of its features, including actually connecting with and contacting your classmates -- things that more recent social networks have always allowed for free. However, if you ever used for anything, you've probably been spammed with emails for years, each one claiming that your classmates are looking for you, or had recently viewed your profile. Nearly every email sent by the company (and they seem to come about once a week) has some enticing subject line that tries to suggest that something is happening with your profile and you're missing out if you don't upgrade to a premium account.

I've always ignored these emails, figuring that if any of my former high school classmates really wants to contact me, there are plenty of ways to do so that don't require me to pay up -- and naturally assumed that was exaggerating what was happening on the site. Some folks, however, believed the emails and upgraded. And, now, one of those who upgraded his account to see which classmates were trying to contact him, discovered (surprise, surprise) that was lying to him. His classmates weren't trying to contact him via the site, and so he's now suing the company for deceptive advertising, and demanding that the company refund subscription fees for everyone who was similarly duped.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous, 24 Jun 2014 @ 8:47am

    ClassMates. Com

    From what I read, there are some negative comments about which are true. But you have to remember this that Classmates is a business just like any other business out to make money. They have to market their product in such a way in order to survive as a company even though they might use deceptive practices at times to do so once in awhile to attract your attention. You have to be smart enough to know the difference to know what is true and what is not true. If you want to try to find an High School Friend from the Past, it is Great Tool to use! I have seen actual real personal photographs and stories of people that I actually knew about when I went to high school forty seven years ago. The photographs that appeared on line and some of the stories did actually came from my old High School friends. There was no way that Classmates could got a hold of some of these stories on their own. The graduating Class List they had from my old High School was very real and the names on them were real. There are people out there today in this world who like me are really looking for a lot of old friends to reconnect with after so many years. Some friends of mine might want to reconnect because they feel lonely or depressed and want to be remembered in life. It is a great tool to build up their self esteem, for depression hurts that mind, body and the spirit. Classmates is definitely a Social Media Networking Site. They also might want to know how well their old friends really made out in life after so many years. I have wisdom, even though I am in my mid 60s, I still have a heart and remember all the good times and bad and all of my High School friends as well, the good and the bad. How often I thought of them and wished how nice it would be if I could talk to them just once more after 47 years. Here is one way you can protect yourself from getting ripped off on your Credit card by Classmates and not have to worry about anything. When you sign up to classmates for a certain amount of membership time for an All Access Pass, choose the mail in option and lock in the amount that you want to pay for by sending a US Postal Money Order by mail. Print out the on line application for membership and pay for it with a USPS Money Order by mail. It is safe and the USPS will prosecute anyone who uses their money order for Fraudulent reasons. It is safe, if for some reason it gets lost or stolen, you will get your money back. Keep the USPS Bill of Sale and the Money Order tear off Receipt as proof of purchase and turn it back in at the post office in case of problems. On Classmates, you pay for the lenght of time that you want your membership pass to continue, 3 months, 1 yr or 2 years. Then if you want to renew it again, do so by doing the same thing all over again. If not you are out nothing. Sometimes you have to take a calculated risk in life depending how bad that you want to reach out to talk to or contact someone. So you might have to wait a week to 10 days to get your membership active - Big Deal! You will get on CM eventually ,so be patient and wait. You will protect your own credit card since they do not have access to it.
    In my old high school days, some people have looked down upon me as being an under achiever and really thought that I would never amount to anything. My self esteem at that point in time was low. The problem is that they never really knew me very well of what I was capable of in doing or achieving in my life. I really persevered to get up in the world. Forty seven years later, I have graduated from two distinguished Universities and one community college(twice) after leaving high school. I am eligible from a Catholic University for Graduate School to pursue a Masters Degree if so desire since I have a very high 3.67 G.P.A. I have left a valid profile, sincerely truthfull stories and pictures on CM and I have had number of valid hits from people who actually I went to school with me and who remembered me well. I have invited several people to respond, but sometimes on account of personal reasons they may not. To insure integrity in my stories on classmates, I have installed visual cues of events that actually happened to me in High School which the majority of people knew about and remembered. The real life pictures along with my personal blog on classmates told my true story as well. People from my past reading my stories will know whether I am real or not. I guess the best satisfaction that I could get is if I can just make some one person smile from my past (especially the girls) who remebered me so as to brighten up their day. I have seen people respond on classmates to my personal requests that I have asked them for to post their stories and pictures. I know that they are legitimate from the pictures they have posted. I often wondered how many people I may have really inspired when they read my stories. It seems like this old guy who may have felt like a loser in high school in the 1960s because some people looked down upon him as a loser, did quite well as a winner in real life. The Sin of Pride can be a real threat and problem for it can destroy friendships. Often times I like tone down my stories a bit so that so that I do not try to make some of my friends feel bad. I am out to win my High School friends over by respect and by not trying to judge anyone. My purpose is to win friends and not to lose any friends by making them feel bad. You Reap what you Sow. Life is too Short to Hold Grudges against anyone. May the God Bless all of my Friends, both Good and Bad Alike! Thank You for Reading my Blog.

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