Blogger Who Uploaded GNR Album Pleads Guilty, Accepts Deal

from the still-ridiculous dept

The blogger who uploaded the latest Guns N' Roses album, Chinese Democracy, and who was then arrested has apparently agreed to a plea bargain in the case. Prosecutors had already dropped the charges from a felony to a misdemeanor, and the plea deal probably means he'll get off without too much punishment -- but the whole thing still seems fairly ridiculous. It's not at all clear why the FBI wasted taxpayer money chasing down a fan who simply helped promote the music. In the end, it seems like GNR basically got tax-payer funded promotion for its latest album, while causing significant stress in the life of the guy who was in the middle of all of this. What a joke.

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  1. identicon
    Lonnie E. Holder, 12 Nov 2008 @ 1:56pm

    Re: Troll

    Hey, if I am a troll, I am. I am still not 100% sure what a troll is, but if it fits...

    I find it worrisome that people somehow think it is okay for people to access files on someone's computer without permission and make copies of those files. Now, I also think that people should be more careful with their computers, but that is a separate issue. But, I fail to see how anyone under any logical scenario thinks it is okay to make a copy of information on your computer without permission and take it with them. If that is true, then think of the effect that will have on many things. Police would no longer need a search warrant to access your files. People could peep into your computer, if they have the ability to do so. Brrrr....scary.

    If someone came into my home and copied the files on my computer, whether they entered physically or electronically, and that taking was illegal, then I would be calling that taking stealing my data.

    Please, consider what I said and tell me that you are against people illegally gaining access to someone's electronic files and making copies of non-public information, regardless of what that information may be.

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