Bill Gates' New Career? Patent Troll For Nathan Myhrvold?

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Plenty of folks have been wondering just what Bill Gates is up to now that he's left his full-time position at Microsoft. Longtime rabble-rouser theodp has alerted us to one thing that Bill Gates is spending at least some of his time on: a bunch of patent applications for a company named "Searete LLC" -- including this one for rewarding influencers and another for a method to inject fluids into animals.

So, what's Searete? Well, it appears (warning: pdf file) that it's one of the many ultra secret shell front companies for Nathan Myhrvold's Intellectual Ventures, a company that unabashedly plans to be a huge patent tollbooth on just about any kind of innovation. We've already noted that he's been setting up shell companies as part of the operation's secrecy.

In some articles about Myhrvold's methods, it talks about how he hosts these big dinners, where he invites a bunch of big thinkers to sit around and talk, has some lawyers sit off to the side writing down everything they say, and then turns the discussions into patents. My guess is that these Bill Gates Searete patents fall into that camp (some of the other big names on some of the patents are folks like Danny Hillis and Craig Mundie, and we're waiting for Seinfeld's name to show up on a patent for computers that are moist and chewy like cake). Still, it makes you wonder why Bill Gates is letting Nathan Myhrvold lock up his ideas as part of his patent extortion scheme.

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  1. identicon
    innovator, 10 Apr 2009 @ 1:44pm

    rich blind eccentrik arrogance

    Look; Gates and Myrvold, claim to be out to implement innovation for issues that help the masses.

    I would point out one simple fact about Bill Gates new engine patent that uses magnets. It still uses fuel combustion. As I recall, last year a NASA scientis; James Hansen stated we have less than two decades to contain and reduce our dependancy on oil or else we are going to face mass extinction-

    I submitted a fresh patent of my own, to Myrvold and IV and to the Bill Gates foundation- my technology is very feasible, via magnets and lightweight materials. Produces ZERO emmissions and can extend runtime for transportation bewtween charges significantly. Also, this technology can be used in wind generation to increase captured electricity at slower rpms.

    But they told me my stuff is not a breakthru- cheap stealy comment.

    Guess what about the breakthru stuff? Last year MIT published the fact they have improved upon a existing technology, Lithium Ion. Lithium Ion has been around for decades, but MIT improved upon it.

    Thats great. But is MIT being told they are not a breakthru? of course not.

    Look, at this time, Bills wonderful engine is still using fuel combustion- if the environment and getting off oil were a two part equation, it could be compared to a cement wall, 10ft thick with reinforced steel.

    Things like checking air pressure in your tires and car pooling are as weak as trying to break thru the wall with a toothpick.

    My technology is a jack hammer and a cutting torch.

    Per James Hansen... we clearly need to get off fuel combustion- and at this point in time, any and every cleantech that goes in that direction should be getting funded even if remotely feasible.

    My technology has been proven very feasible with a workbench model.

    But alas, the rich eccentrick all knowing idiots are basically saying; "We want to save humanity, but so long as it fits our preferences... otherwise, humanity isnt in our saving humanity doesnt have a market-

    Bill Gates and his new engine. Its like trying to use 8-track tapes with a dvd... whats the point?

    Ah, I bet I know... Bill last year too, went to canada about drilling mroe oil on canadian soil.


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