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MySpace And MTV Catch Up To YouTube On Ad Spamming Uploaded Videos

from the this-is-revolutionary? dept

For quite some time, YouTube has allowed copyright holders to "claim" videos that contain their content. Rather than demanding a takedown, these claims allow Google to place ads on the videos and share some of the revenue with the copyright holder. That seems a lot better than random takedowns, and in fact Google's program has been very successful. So it should come as no surprise that others, including MySpace and MTV are about to offer the same deal. What's unclear, though, is why some are claiming that this is revolutionary. Seeing as YouTube has been doing it for a year, it's difficult to see how there's much to get excited about here.

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  1. identicon
    Hyrulio, 3 Nov 2008 @ 5:16am

    VR vs RL

    It happened on the internet first, therefore NO RULES APPLY...

    ...unless the corporations want them to apply.

    There'll be a lot more stories about this to come, people will have problems with the copyright, scores of morons will piss other people off by claiming a rule that doesn't exist, or one that does but in the wrong context, then eventually, someone WILL get sued.

    Mark my words.

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