Don't Buy The Open Source DRM Hype

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Back in 2005, we wrote about Sun's doomed plans to offer an "open source DRM" solution. Not surprisingly, that went nowhere fast. Last year, Tim Lee took apart the claims of "Marlin," a supposedly new "open source DRM" solution. As Tim noted, open source and DRM are a contradiction in terms. So, it's not clear why last week some were celebrating the latest version of Marlin. As some pointed out, just because it's open source, doesn't mean that it should be "blessed" by the tech crowd. DRM is about destroying options for what you can do with bits. Open source is about multiplying the options. To mix them together makes no sense.

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    Stephen, 30 Oct 2008 @ 8:27pm

    DRM is going to die, be it if the companies producing the product have to pay for the software to manage the licenses, be it if the said companies get the DRM management software for free and continue to develop it in-house, or if said companies have to PAY the end user to use the service. When my machine dies due to reload/hard drive failure/upgrade, and after the song/movie/game/whatever dies, why did I put my money into whatever it was I `rented`?

    Piracy is rampant. I get it. I also know companies want to protect their product. I'm a software author and I am very fortunate that in a very niche market so the general public is not going to get my software, or have any real interest in my software. Yes, I DO have a type of PROTECTION in the software that at least informs me of how many times the software has been installed, just like Microsoft has with their Certificate of Authenticity. I allow the company to install the software on *WHATEVER* computer they want to. I understand upgrades. I understand hard drive failures. I understand viruses. I understand bad ram nuking the OS requiring a reload because of registry corruption. DRM doesn't understand ANY of that *ESPECIALLY* when their servers go offline. Hell, I look forward to when Microsoft starts not-validating XP as I've pretty much decided to never purchase Vista or Windows 7. Can't wait for that fireworks display.

    Commercial DRM, open source DRM, pay-the-user DRM... DRM is a losing fight. It doesn't make sense. You cannot trust DRM other than you know the server you purchased it from will go down one day.

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