Don't Buy The Open Source DRM Hype

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Back in 2005, we wrote about Sun's doomed plans to offer an "open source DRM" solution. Not surprisingly, that went nowhere fast. Last year, Tim Lee took apart the claims of "Marlin," a supposedly new "open source DRM" solution. As Tim noted, open source and DRM are a contradiction in terms. So, it's not clear why last week some were celebrating the latest version of Marlin. As some pointed out, just because it's open source, doesn't mean that it should be "blessed" by the tech crowd. DRM is about destroying options for what you can do with bits. Open source is about multiplying the options. To mix them together makes no sense.

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    Shaun Wilson, 30 Oct 2008 @ 8:03pm

    Re: Re: Nooo..

    The problem here is the definition of open source - I think we have to note Richard Stallman's objections here.

    "Free Software" is about freedom for both users and developers, with the necessity of it also being "Open Source" to comply with that definition.

    "Open Source" on it's own is more as Aiwanei stated being about "sharing source code so projects can be designed better..". Granted most "Open Source" software is "Free Software" leading therefore to most of the "Open Source" community to also be part of the "Free Software" community but there are exceptions.

    Microsoft, for example, is starting to enter the "Open Source" community (quite possibly for their famous Embrace, Extend, Extinguish approach) but it is doubtful that they would ever produce "Free Software" or be part of that community without a major shift in direction.

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