Don't Buy The Open Source DRM Hype

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Back in 2005, we wrote about Sun's doomed plans to offer an "open source DRM" solution. Not surprisingly, that went nowhere fast. Last year, Tim Lee took apart the claims of "Marlin," a supposedly new "open source DRM" solution. As Tim noted, open source and DRM are a contradiction in terms. So, it's not clear why last week some were celebrating the latest version of Marlin. As some pointed out, just because it's open source, doesn't mean that it should be "blessed" by the tech crowd. DRM is about destroying options for what you can do with bits. Open source is about multiplying the options. To mix them together makes no sense.

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  1. identicon
    Jan, 31 Oct 2008 @ 4:59am

    Why contradictory?

    Why would open source and DRM be a contradiction in terms? Yes, I also hope that DRM is going to die out... but this has nothing to do with open/closed source dichotomy. Open source is about open _source_ and not about open content.

    We can also have open source encryption tools and it is not at all contradictory with having closed emails and stuff that we encrypt with those tools.

    Open source is (and I think it should be) just about source and nothing else - BTW that's why I don't like GPLv3 because I think that it's not reasonable to 'give' someone your code and expect them to 'give' you code AND access to hardware or content or anything else.

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