Fan Fiction Author Charged With Obscenity In The UK

from the seems-a-bit-extreme dept

Apparently, it's not just the US that has decided to jump back into the murky waters of charging people with obscenity charges for stuff they put online. Over in the UK, a guy is facing an obscenity charge for a bit of fiction that he wrote. There are communities of folks online who often write fiction involving "famous" characters, whether from TV or movies or, in some cases, from real life. The whole concept, frankly, strikes me as a little bit odd, but for those who want to do it, I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to do so. In this case, the guy wrote some apparently graphic fiction about a band in the UK and is now being charged with publishing obscene materials. If he loses, I would imagine that there are large groups of folks who post this sort of (yes, ridiculously distasteful) stuff online, who could be facing similar charges. I have enough difficulty understanding obscenity laws that go after people in online communities where the content is, in no way, pushed on others -- but it seems even more bizarre to include obscenity charges for fictional writing.

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  1. identicon
    Craterbaiter, 23 Oct 2008 @ 6:48am

    Disproving the rule: there are ...

    Disproving the rule: there are old guys and bold guys, but no old bold guys ...First comments are often the best..

    Perhaps it's unremarkable that there is an audience for the lurid crap that floods the internet, and that publicity encourages excess. Fanfiction seems to contain elements of porn and stalking indicating mental health issues and worthy of committal.

    In centuries past pamphlets and fliers, penned and printed by 'commentators' of all odd descriptions, appeared before the public to varying amounts of amusement, anger and derision.

    This seems to part of more of the same .. We'll all get over it.

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