Scammers Siphon Money From President Sarkozy's Online Bank Account; Gov't Blames Itself

from the misplaced-blame? dept

There are a bunch of news stories showing up about how some scammers apparently were skimming some money from the online bank account of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. According to the report, the scammers probably only had account numbers and login info, and they didn't even realize from whom they were stealing. That said, what's more interesting is the government's response to the theft. Rather than suggesting banks should improve their security, the secretary of state for consumer affairs notes that an investigation is under way to see how the government can improve the security of the banking system. While it does seem quite rare for a government to take responsibility for problems, in this case, it seems a bit misplaced. It's not clear what role the government had in this scam whatsoever.

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    Ivan, 6 Nov 2008 @ 4:33am


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