Anonymous Might Not Be So Anonymous; Member Pleads Guilty To Scientology DoS

from the so-much-for-that-plan dept

While I can sympathize with the concerns that some folks have over Scientology, it did seem like the massive denial of service (DoS) attack against the group put on by "Anonymous" (basically a group of griefers from some online message boards) seemed to go a bit too far (and, yes, I recognize that many griefers think that their whole reason for being is to "go too far"). Now it appears that one of the kids involved in the denial of service attack has been arrested and agreed to plead guilty for the attack, meaning that at least some members of "Anonymous" aren't quite as anonymous as they believed. In the end, the whole thing seems to have done nothing much. It was a nuisance for Scientology, but allowed the group to portray itself as a victim, and certainly didn't do much of anything to slow the organization down.

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  1. identicon
    Bill, 20 Oct 2008 @ 10:54am

    Re: Church of Scientology != Scientology


    You have completely misinterpreted what I said. "Nuns"? WTF? The Church of Scientology is LED by David Miscavige, who does illegal and criminal things. His policies of corruption, fraud and abuse are propagated throughout the organization because HE dictates what everyone does. Comparing this to "nuns" in the Catholic Church is comparing apples and horses. It would be a more accurate comparison if the Pope started personally beating people and running special "Catholic prison camps". If the Pope did that, people WOULD protest - don't you think?

    I agree that someone DDoSing the Church of Scientology's web site is illegal and wrong. It was minor and it stopped. The abuses and crimes of David Miscavige and his organization are major and have NOT stopped.

    There IS a difference between vigilantism, like the DDoS attack, and peaceful protests. I condemn the first, and support the second.

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