Insurance Discounts For Software That Won't Deliver Calls To Cars In Motion

from the so-that's-how-it-works dept

Remember how we couldn't figure out who would ever buy some new software that would stop calls from reaching mobile phones that were in motion? The (weak) idea behind the software is that it prevents drivers from accepting phone calls. Of course, it seems cheaper and more effective to just ignore your phone while driving -- or if that's too difficult, to just turn it off while driving. So it seemed difficult to believe that anyone would actually pay for such software.

Except we didn't count on one thing: car insurance companies.

Apparently Nationwide Insurance will (seriously) give drivers a discount on their insurance for buying the software. So, effectively, this is just a slightly indirect transfer from a gullible insurance company to a software company, but probably won't do much to actually stop people from yakking while driving. It's admirable to try to decrease dangerous driving habits, but this software is a gimmick, not a real safety technique.

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  1. identicon
    MrScott, 19 Oct 2008 @ 11:22am

    Roadside Distractions?

    Since we're on the subject of "distractions" while you drive, what about the biggest distraction of all while you're behind the wheel of your car?

    It's called the roadside advertisement sign. You've all seen them. Brightly colored to stand out from the normal colors of the road and hillsides. Advertising everything from auto insurance to the nearest McDonalds. Big 20' by 30' signs and larger. And it's not bad enough for the advertisements to be there in the first place, they've got to have several sentences for you to read while you're driving by them, making you take your eyes off the road, and the traffic in front of you. Dangerous??? I think so.

    Granted, you HAVE to have the interstate and state road signs there to guide you to where you need to go, but you just glance at them. But do you have to have a bunch of two, three or even four signs bundled together every 1/4 mile or so to make you take your eyes off the road? I think not.

    The less distractions along the roadside, the better. Don't force us to look at your advertisement while we're driving. This is where we need to stay focused on the road and the traffic, not where to save money on our car insurance.

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