Insurance Discounts For Software That Won't Deliver Calls To Cars In Motion

from the so-that's-how-it-works dept

Remember how we couldn't figure out who would ever buy some new software that would stop calls from reaching mobile phones that were in motion? The (weak) idea behind the software is that it prevents drivers from accepting phone calls. Of course, it seems cheaper and more effective to just ignore your phone while driving -- or if that's too difficult, to just turn it off while driving. So it seemed difficult to believe that anyone would actually pay for such software.

Except we didn't count on one thing: car insurance companies.

Apparently Nationwide Insurance will (seriously) give drivers a discount on their insurance for buying the software. So, effectively, this is just a slightly indirect transfer from a gullible insurance company to a software company, but probably won't do much to actually stop people from yakking while driving. It's admirable to try to decrease dangerous driving habits, but this software is a gimmick, not a real safety technique.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 17 Oct 2008 @ 4:56pm

    Re: I still beg to differ

    I still beg to differ. I think this is a great tool to keep teens off the phone while driving. If you think you can otherwise convince them to do it for their own good, you clearly haven't been around enough teens lately.

    And yes, I would pay for the feature on my kids phones. Especially if it got me a discount on teen insurance.

    You really think kids can't find a way around a cheesy product like this? Most kids operate at a technical level of a decade or more ahead of their parents. You show me a system and I'll show you kids who have already figured it out and beaten it.

    It comes down to parents enforcing it, not relying on others and software to do it for you. Oh and while you are at it, teach your kids to actually drive, not just the "rules" for driving. It would be great to have drivers that actually know what to do during bad weather, how to merge, and how to handle a vehicle correctly rather than what we have currently.

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